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9" round American Apple Pie

Just like your mother (or maybe grandmother) used to make, these handmade pies are more than one ste..

Cheddar Parmesan Treats (15 pieces)

This savory treat that comes in a box of 15 pieces, making it perfect for a snack or appetizer...

Cheese Burekas (12 pieces)

Made using three different types of cheese, our cheese burekas are baked along with a seasoning of s..

Chocolate Rugelach (10-12 pieces)

Voted Boston’s best rugelach, Galit's perfectly-rolled pastries are soft and tender and full of flav..

Cinnarolls (6 pieces)

Moist and tasty, these rolls burst with sweet cinnamon flavor...

Large Gluten Free Chocolate-Almond Souffles (6 pieces)

This unique offering is baked without flour and tastes great alone or topped with ice cream, chocola..

Sugar Cookies (~18 pieces)

These sugar cookies can satisfy your sweet cravings but actually do not have all that much sugar (th..

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